Liposomal glutathione Delhi

Why Liposomal Glutathione?

Plain powdered glutathione is a very fragile three amino acid peptide. Studies have shown that “plain” powder glutathione doesn’t survive stomach acid and digestive enzymes and doesn’t get absorbed. Liposomes are microscopic spheres which house and protect their contents.

The liposomal structures in this product protect the glutathione from the harsh environment of the stomach and increase absorption as these spheres fuse with the cells of the small intestine where absorption takes place. That means this form of glutathione will reach circulation more efficiently and effectively.

Liposmal Glutathione is as good as taking Glutathione IV (intravenous injection) but cost much less and can be consumed at home .

We use Sunflower lecithin instead of Soy lechin to enhance the effectivness even more.

The only available Liposomal Glutathione in India is

Basically at Rs 7000 you are getting only 13.5 GMS of Liposomal Glutathion i.e Rs 518 per GM and that too with not so good Soy Letchin .

Our price

Rs 2500 for 10 GMS of Liposomal Glutathion with Sunflower Letchin . i.e Rs 250 per GM only !

Since we don’t add any preservatives hence give us 1 day to process your order , Next day either you can pick from our office located in Sector 12 Dwarka or we can ship it to you at your cost.

It will last 15 days and need be kept in refrigeration .

To place your order or for any quries WhtsApp at

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