Php Storm 9

PhpStorm is a fast and smart PHP IDE.
PhpStorm 9 brings improvements in PHP language support, editing experience, debugging, code analysis, and many other powerful features.

TypeScript 1.5 and 1.6

Enjoy the latest TypeScript 1.5 and 1.6 features in the IDE – no need to compromise. WebStorm 11 supports coding assistance for JSX, ES6 generators and modules, local types and other TypeScript new features. It also understands tsconfig.json when resolving objects.

Better ECMAScript 2015 support

WebStorm 11 brings smarter coding assistance for named exports in import statements in ECMAScript 2015 (also known as ES6). In addition it now supports async/await keywords and decorators, the experimental features proposed for future JavaScript versions.

Formatting for chained method calls

The new formatting options provide greater flexibility in configuring indents and wrappings for chained method calls in JavaScript and TypeScript.

New Node.js inspections

New inspections Missing require() call and Missing module dependency will alert you if you forgot to reference a module you are using in the file, or if you forgot to install a third-party module available on the npm or list it in package.json.

Angular 2 support

WebStorm brings basic support for Angular 2. Whether you use it with TypeScript or ECMAScript 2015, WebStorm provides code completion and navigation for components and bindings and understands new event attributes. That’s just the beginning!

Yeoman integration

Thanks to new integration with Yeoman, you can now access hundreds of project generators right from the IDE Welcome screen. A new UI will help you find and install new generators and they will guide you through the generator steps, all without leaving the IDE.

npm scripts

A new npm scripts tool window lists all the tasks specified in the package.json scripts section and allows you to easily run any of them with a simple double-click. You can also create a new Run configuration for an npm script task and run it with the familiar Run… action.


Together with improved TypeScript support, WebStorm adds integration with TSLint, a linter for TypeScript code. Enable it to see warnings and errors from TSLint right in the editor, as you type.

Flame charts in Node.js CPU profiler

A new flame chart view in V8 CPU profiler gives you a visual representation of your Node.js app execution. It might help you notice the functions that took the most CPU time and then explore them further.

Run a single Mocha test

WebStorm’s integration with Mocha now allows you to run a single Mocha test or test suite. Simply right-click on the test name in the test file and select Run or Debug the test in the context menu.

Encode HTML special symbols

WebStorm can now help you encode special symbols in your HTML code, replacing them with HTML entities that start with &. Select a symbol or a block of code and invoke Encode XML/HTML Special Characters. Quick and easy!

Adjusting code style settings

Configuring your code style just got easier. Select a code fragment, press Alt+Enter and choose Adjust code style settings. You will be able to see and adjust the code style settings that can be applied to this piece of code, with a live preview available.

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