November 5, 2015

Software Testing

Website Testing

As a website is an online-face of any company you need to be sure it runs as intended. Before launching your website let BugHuntress highly skilled testing team investigate it for performance, usability, security and other defects that can occur during usage. BugHuntress delivers website QA testing checking your website functionality in various browsers (IE, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.) in order to make sure it meets an exhaustive list of browsers requirements.

Website Performance Testing

Our website performance tests can check the speed of your website in various browsers and detect its behave under maximum pressure.

In the frames of performance testing BugHuntress team runs “brute tests” applying the excessive load to the webserver. This technique is called website stress testing. This ensures that your website is ready for new advertising campaign or any other specific loads and the system behaves as you expect.

Website Security Testing

Any user aims to keep the own data safe. If any threat can easy lead to leakage of the important data or even money, you either such easy can lose the trust of your users and revenue as well. Performing security tests BugHuntress team aims to detect any possible vulnerabilities and weaknesses of your website to let you prevent it in time.

Website Usability Testing

Usability – the characteristic that could affect users’ attitude to your business more significant than any other features of the website. Once visitor got to your website he or she should clear see the main objective of your website, categories, contacts, services, etc. and find it quickly when necessary. Clear navigation is the best friend of any user. BugHuntress team knows the right place for each item on your site!

What you will gain from the website testing:
  •  The revenue from your website will increase dramatically;
  •  Assurance that new release is ready to see the light, otherwise, you’ll have a time to fix defects.
  •  Customers loyalty or at least give them convenient use of your website;
  •  You’ll get useful metrics that can be used for system tuning and customization.
  •  Show stakeholders testing report to see whether it meets all their expectations.

BugHuntress website testing services also include other services like functional, localization, load testing using various techniques and methodologies like Boundary Value Analysis, manual and automated testing, etc.

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